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The EAP (Employee Assistance Program) helps you privately solve problems that may interfere with your work, family, and life in genteral.  EAP services are FREE to you, your dependents, and all household members.  EAP services are confidential and provided by experts.

Confidential Counseling

24-hour Crisis Help - call to speak with a counselor if you or a family memeber are experiencing a crisis.

In-Person Counseling - up to four (4) in-person counseling sessions are available for each new issue.  Simply call for access to local counselors who can help you with a variety of problems such as family, stress, parenting, relationship, and axiety challenges.

Online Consultations - convenient access to online consultations with licensed counselors through RBH eAccess at MyRBH.com.  It's a smart way to get support for brief issues, even when time is limited.

Lunch Break Webinars + Online Resources

Free Webinars - Register for upcoming webinars or view recorded webinars from pas trainings delivered by guest experts covering topics for employees and supervisors.  Go to MyRBH.com and click the Webinars tab.

MyRBH.com - learn more about your Eap benefits, create legal forms, request counseling, read newsletters, oraccess your own wellbeing site (Personal Advantage) for current healt news and movies, wellness resources, financial calculators, and over 50 online trainings.

Worksite Resources

Supervisor Support - access private phone consultations, trainings about the EAP and management topics, on-site crisis support, and online supervisor resources for the using EAP and connectiong employees to the EAP during workplace challenges









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What to Expect When You Request EAP Counseling

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Aging Parents

March Webinar:  Caring for Aging Parents

Presenter:  Karen Merrill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has over twenty-five years of progressively responsible and diversified experience in the behavioral health field.  She combines a background in Human Resources, Counseling, Training, coaching and EAP Account Management.  She previously served as VP of Account Management of RBH and currently works as a consultant in private practice. 


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For any questions about the EAP, contact:

(406) 444-1345


Employee Assistance Program Manager:

Karen Wood
(406) 444-2466

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