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Employees may receive TWO tax forms from the State of Montana for use in filing your 2019 income taxes (W-2 and 1095-C), but only the W-2's will come from the State Human Resources Division.  All employees who are paid in 2019 will receive a W-2.

The State of Montana is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to furnish all employees with a Form W-2 (also called the W-2 statement) for each calendar year to be used in completing the employee's annual tax return.  The Form W-2 details the employee's compensation and tax withholding amounts for the calendar year. These forms must be furnished (properly addressed and postmarked) by January 31st.

Current State of Montana employees who have access to SABHRS HR Self-Service have the option to stop receiving the paper copies of the W-2 statement and instead consent to receive this tax statement electronically via Self-Service. 

Note: If you do not have access to SABHRS HR Self-Service you will continue to receive a paper W-2 statement  in the mail and no action is required on your part.  You must make sure your mailing address is accurate in Employee Self Service or with your agency HR/payroll office.

Benefits of receiving  electronic tax forms:

  • Employees who do not provide consent will not be able to access an online W-2 statement.
  • Earlier access (it will be available earlier than the paper mailed version).
  • Once received electronically, significantly less possibility that the W-2 statement may be lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced.
  • Access is available at the same easy-to-use, secure website at which an employee can access his/her wage and personal information.
  • Access can be attained from anywhere (ex. your accountant's office).
  • Cost savings for the State of Montana.

The IRS has approved the use of electronic tax statements; however, employees must provide their consent to receive their W-2  in electronic format in lieu of paper format. This webpage contains the required IRS disclosure information and instructions for you to consent to receiving your tax statements electronically.

Please read this entire disclosure notice and follow the instructions to provide consent to receive all future W-2 statements in electronic format only. Providing consent also indicates consent to receive any W-2c (corrected) statements electronically rather than a paper copy. Questions regarding this notice or your W-2  statements should be directed to your agency HR/payroll office.

Disclosure Notice

  • An employee who consents to receiving his/her tax forms online will not receive a paper copy.
  • If an employee does not consent, he/she will continue to receive a paper copy of the W-2 and must ensure his/her mailing address is accurate. 
  • The deadline to provide consent to receive the 2019 electronic tax statements is January 17, 2020.  Any consents received after this date are not guaranteed to be effective for 2019 tax forms.
  • Employees providing consent by January 17, 2020 will be able to access the electronic version of the W-2 statement by January 31, 2019 (employees will be notified via their state email address once the electronic version is available). Employees providing consent after that date will receive a paper copy of the W-2 statement postmarked no later than January 31, 2020; however, the consent will then be applicable for all future tax years unless one of the conditions in the next bullet point is met.
  • An employee's consent to receive his/her W-2 forms online will be valid for all subsequent tax years unless consent is revoked by the employee, employment is terminated, or this service is not supported in a future tax year.
  • An employee who chooses to receive his/her tax statement(s) electronically may withdraw consent at any time either electronically, via email, or in writing. The employee's withdrawal of consent will be effective on the date it is received, and the State Human Resources Division will confirm in writing or by email the effective date of the consent withdrawal. If consent is withdrawn, it will only be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued. Written notice to withdraw consent may be submitted to State HR Help, email payroll@mt.gov or mail to the following address: Central Payroll Services; PO Box 200127; Helena, MT 59620-0127
  • Employees are required to promptly update any personal address or status changes through SABHRS HR or by contacting their agency HR/payroll office directly (access the Address Update  user guide for complete instructions on how to update personal information in SABHRS HR).
  • Terminated employees will receive a paper copy of the W-2 statement at the current mailing address listed in SABHRS HR. Terminated employees are required to notify their agency HR/payroll office of any change in mailing address for W-2 statement purposes.
  • The hardware and software requirements needed to access the W-2 statements electronically include an internet connection, web browser, and Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar PDF reader software.
  • If an employee consents to electronic W-2 delivery and the delivery is unable to be made due to a technical problem, incorrect login or password, or incorrect email address the employee should contact their agency HR/payroll office for guidance. If there is any change in the electronic delivery process, employees will be notified immediately via email or written notice.

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