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Pay Schedule

Payroll at the State of Montana is processed on a bi-weekly cycle:  pay periods end every other Friday, with each pay period being paid out 12 days (eight working days) later on the second Wednesday following the end of a pay period.  Exact dates can be found on the current pay calendar.  There are usually 26 pay periods/pay days per year, two of which are 'FREE' paydays (i.e. no benefit deductions and rarely any voluntary deductions are taken on the 'FREE' paydays).


Payroll Deductions List

 Payroll Estimator

Sample Pay Advice

Final Paycheck Schedule for Terminating Employees can be found on the Health Care and Benefits Division website under the 'HR Publications' section.

Beneficiary Designation for Decedent's Final Warrants

Payroll/Insurance Deduction Calendars


Direct Deposit

Employees are encouraged to use direct deposit whenever possible.  Your money is guaranteed on pay day - no matter where you happen to be on pay day.  You can also choose to set-up multiple distributions, allowing your money to be deposited at different financial institutions.  For example, you can choose to have a portion of your paycheck deposited into your checking account at one bank, and the remainder deposited into your savings account at another. 

Enroll one of two ways:

Online via SABHRS Self-Service

-- or --

With your agency HR/Payroll staff by submitting the Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form (the form is not required if you elect to enroll online via SABHRS Self-Service).

If you elect to receive a paper paycheck instead of using direct deposit, your paycheck delivery method will depend on your agency's policy (some agencies deliver the paycheck to your mailbox; others let the postal service mail the paycheck to your mailing address on record).  Note: after signing-up for direct deposit it may take up to two pay periods for your check to automatically deposit; until that time you will continue to receive a paper check.  Check the Direct Deposit Pre-Note Schedule for details.

Be sure to obtain your institution's rounting number and your account number from a check rather than a routing slip!

Complete Direct Deposit Instructions

Non-State of Montana Links

Financial Education - Federal government site.

IRS Withholding Calculator - Helps you determine what to put on your W-4 to avoid having too little or too much income tax withheld from your paycheck.

Paycheck City - Use the Paycheck Calculator if you only have one rate of pay; use the Hourly Paycheck Calculator if you have different rates of pay.

Free Credit Reports - Federal regulations require the nationwide credit agencies provide you with a free copy of your credit report once every 12 months.

National Payroll Week - Provides resources to help you manage your paycheck.