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IMPORTANT:  If you are looking for general Child Support questions or are not a State employee but need information on your Child Support, contact the Montana Child Support Enforcement Division at (406) 444-9855 or Toll Free 1-800-346-5437 (in state only).  The information contained on this page is intended for State of Montana Employees who need to understand Child Support or Garnishment deductions from their paychecks as well as the Process Servers who may be serving legal papers to the State Payroll staff.

Information for Process Servers

No matter which agency an employee works for, all State of Montana employee wage garnishments and child support withholdings are processed centrally in the Department of Administration's State Human Resources Division. With the exception of the Universities and Colleges, the State Human Resources Division processes payroll for all agencies on this list. Should you have questions regarding a Garnishment, Child Support, or need to verify employment, please call 406-444-2962.

All garnishments and child support orders need to be delivered or mailed to the following address:

Department of Administration
Attn: Payroll
125 N. Roberts St. Mitchell Bldg Rm 125
PO Box 200127
Helena MT 59620-0127

Information for Employees

Upon the receipt of a Notice of Levy/Writ of Execution or an Order to Withhold Income for Child Support, the State of Montana is legally obligated by federal and state law to withhold money from an employee's paycheck for child support or unpaid student loans, taxes, or other bad debts.

If the employee has questions as to how garnishments, child supports, IRS levies, etc. are processed please contact State HR Help. We may not be able to tell you who you owe the money to because we are provided limited information. However, we can direct you to the entity that you can contact for more information.

Check out the US Department of Labor Fact Sheet for more information on garnishments.

The State of Montana Employee Benefits offers Employee Assistance as part of the Benefits package. The Employee Assistance program offers counseling and offers suggestions for legal and financial help.