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All employees new to Montana state government are encouraged to attend the official state orientation presented by the State Human Resources Division's Professional Development Center.  



MINE/SABHRS Self-Service (accessible via this link when inside the State firewall).


SABHRS Self-Service, Webmail Access, Citrix Access (accessible via this link when outside the State firewall).

Standard benefit information

Your agency HR office can provide you with information about the standard benefits offered to State of Montana employees.  You can also check out the salary and benefits information overiew page for details.

A very broad overview of benefits eligibility based on position type is available as well.

Health insurance information

Questions about medical, prescription, dental, life and other related benefits and plans should be directed to your agency's HR office or the Health Care & Benefits Division.  

Retirement information

The Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration (MPERA) administers the State's retirement plans.  Contact your agency's HR office or MPERA directly for assistance.


Click to learn more about training opportunities offered by the State Human Resources Division.


SABHRS HR Self-Service


Check out the paychecks page for information about:

  • payroll schedules,
  • direct deposit,
  • payroll deductions,
  • taxes, and
  • wage garnishements.

Prior service credit

Prior service as a public employee, whether it be from another state agency, the university system, or other "local" public employment, may be eligible for transfer to the state.  Reference the Benefits Transfer Tool to determine which benefits are eligible for transfer.  If you feel you have prior service eligible for transfer you should contact your agency's HR office to discuss the Prior Service Certification Instructions & Form