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Classification Standards

What are benchmarks?

Benchmarks are representative positions used to illustrate how the classification factors are applied to a particular type of work. They are actual state jobs that have been evaluated by a large number of classifiers who agreed that the levels assigned to each factor are accurate for that job at that specific point in time.

What are class series?

Class series define certain occupational groups or types of work. Part of the classifier's task is to place a job in the correct class series based on the type or nature of the work performed. A number of class series have Discussions of the type of work that is typically found in that series or occupation. These discussions aid classifiers in placing a position in the correct class.

What are job codes?

Classification results in assigning a position to a class identified by a specific job code from a Classification Inventory. Classes include a class series or occupational title and a band. For example, Civil Engineer Specialist band 6 describes a specific occupation, civil engineering, at a given level of work, band 6.

Job classes are primarily used to sort related types and levels of work to compare occupational data. Classes identify groups of positions involved in similar types of work or similar occupations. Classes and class series discussions usually do not identify individual positions.