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Your agency HR/payroll office can provide you with information about the standard benefits offered to employees.  Eligibility for certain benefits is tied to positions.  You can also view a  broad overview of benefits eligibility based on position type. 

Health Insurance Benefits

Health insurance benefits are managed through the Health Care & Benefits Division.  Questions about medical, prescription, dental, life and other related benefits and plans should be directed to the Health Care & Benefits Division.

Prior service credit

Prior service as a public employee, whether it be from another State of Montana agency, the Montana University System, or other local public employment, may be eligible for transfer to the State.  Reference the Benefits Transfer Tool to determine which benefits are eligible for transfer.  If you feel you have prior service eligible for transfer you need to contact your agency's HR/payroll office to discuss the Prior Service Certification Instructions & Form.

Leave accrual 

Leave accrual rates are based on an 80 hour pay period.  Individuals working less than 80 hours per pay period accrue leave on a prorated basis; individuals working more than 80 hours per pay period do not accumulate additional leave above and beyond the 80 hour pay period calculation.   

Sick Leave

All employees eligible for sick leave earn it at the same rate, 0.046125 hours per hour in a paid status (a maximum rate of 3.69 hours per 80 hour paycheck).

Annual Leave

The annual leave (vacation) calculation is based on the number of years employed in the Montana public sector, not just at the state of Montana.  Individuals employed in other public sector areas, including the university system, can "transfer" hours when hired by the state (once transferred these hours are categorized as "leave accelerator hours").  These leave accelerator hours are added to the hours accumulated at the state, enabling some people to meet the annual leave accrual threshold sooner (giving them a "bump up" to the next level).  This chart outlines the accrual calculation:

click the table for a larger version

Specific questions regarding leave should be directed to your agency HR/Payroll staff.

Longevity awards

For each five year increment of continuous employment at the State, employees receive a longevity increase added to their base pay.  A break in service (termination of employment) greater than five consecutive days "restarts" the longevity clock and the accrual begins again.  

Here is the longevity calculation chart: 

click the table for a larger version



Looking for information about medical, prescription, dental, life and other related benefits and plans?

Contact the Health Care & Benefits Division.

Looking for information about retirement plans?

Contact the Montana Public Employee Retirement Administration.